Facilities @ PISJ
The School is equipped with:
  • Air-conditioned Class Rooms
  • An Auditorium
  • Two Libraries cum Reading Rooms
  • Five Science Laboratories
  • Home Economics Lab
  • A Fine Arts Room
  • Two Language Labs
  • Two Computer Labs
  • Two Faculty Lounges
  • A Medical Clinic
  • A Bookshop
  • Five cafeterias
  • Playfield that occupies the courtyard of the school building
A filtered water system connected to a sufficient number of Water coolers, meets the requirement of drinking water. Adequate arrangements for ablution, prayers assembly and indoor games, are also available.

The school maintains a fleet of air-conditioned coasters which provides transport to and from school in Jeddah and Makkah Al Mukarrama. Transport Facility is provided to students staying beyond school hours for examination other school activities at no extra charge.

The school management is not responsible for the safety of students who do not board the buses at the arrival and departure time.


A qualified medical team is available in the school clinic during school hours. In case of mild illness or minor injury, the students are provided with first aid and appropriate medical care. Parents are required to update their contact details wherever required in order to ensure prompt contact in case of an emergency.


The school canteens operate during school hours and offer hot/cold snacks and beverages. The canteens maintain Saudi standards of healthy food.


Students are not allowed to remain on the school premises alter school hours in accordance with the rules of the Kingdom. This is for their own safety and security. Supervision is provided for 20 minutes after the school time. Likewise, the school management shall not be held responsible for students outside the school premises and those who arrive earlier than the scheduled school starting time.