Extra Curricular Activities @ PISJ

In order to enable the students to express their talents and energy in creative and productive pursuits, the school has established various societies with their respective programmes in the forms of competitions, exhibitions, debates, declamation, contests, etc. All the important national events and days are celebrated in their true spirit.

The various Societies of the school are:

  • Bazme Maarif lslamia
  • Urdu Literary Society
  • Pakistan Studies Forum
  • Home Economics Society
  • Science Society
  • English Literary Society
  • Fine Arts Society
  • Pak Saudi Cultural Society

All the students of every section - Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Afternoon Shift Boys and Girls have been divided into eight houses in each section in order to provide them with ample opportunities to compete in the fields of education, games and sports and other co-curricular activities. The main objective of introducing this programme is to engage the students in healthy activities which will polish their dormant qualities. This is an important requirement for their character building. The school has allocated prizes and trophies to motivate the students towards the implementation of the programme.


The Annual Sports Day programme is a presentation of spectacular displays. Here the entire Pakistani community is offered an opportunity to witness the performance of their wards. lnter House competitions are held in different games and sports events during a calendar year. Badminton, Table Tennis, Football, Chess, Basketball, Net-ball and Cricket Championships are arranged for students at senior as well as junior level. PlSJ holds a prominent position among the schools of Jeddah in the field of games and sports.

Our teams have brought honour to the school by winning top positions in Jeddah Inter School Cricket Championship for three years. The school also participates in Chess and Football Championship competitions that are held at different schools in Jeddah.


The School organizes Inter School debates and other competitions among International Schools of Jeddah. This fosters a feeling of affinity and good will among all members of the International academic community.